Friday, January 27, 2006

threes - 1/27/2006


i'm just a dream
on a leaf
on the breeze
i'm the willow
in the wind
the stars
in the seas
a breath
on your lips
a smile
by threes

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Peace - 3/15/1992 *

I saw beneath the full moon, in the quiet of the night,
I saw and watched the flowers bloom, basking in the light.

I heard the gentle sighing, as soft petals all sprang free,
I heard a swift brook laughing, in a joyful harmony.
I felt the soft wind's caress, aroma ocean on the breeze,
I felt a light mist coalesce, a gray carpet for the trees.
I tasted of the wild scent, the humus and the pine,
I tasted what sweet nature lent, the breath of life sublime.

I sat beneath the full moon, when the fiery sun did rise,
I sat and watched the colors loom, and then I closed my eyes.

* this is juvenilia.

Friday, January 13, 2006

oh combustion - 1/13/2006

i wanted to say something
but I'm so tired
i feel like they took out
all my wires
and left me with
vacuum tubes
obsolete hydraulics
are the only way
i can move
fueled on charcoal fire
burning me out
from the inside
i've seen my
ash falling by
the way
and all the world's
a passersby
and all my insides
are on display
strewn against the sky
pollution of my

oh combustion
is a furious thing
that i'm too tired
to deny

Monday, January 09, 2006

compromised - 1/9/2006


she wouldn't say
a word
so I talked and talked
trying to be heard
seeking validation
in conversation
such small
to remind me
we're alive
but she balked
and narrowed her eyes
as I talked and talked
and begin to
she was lost
I was lost
and we
were both

Saturday, January 07, 2006

go vegan or I'll die - 1/7/2006

go vegan
or I'll die
and forth from
my body
will come sprouts
and tubers
with wirecutters
and spectacles
they'll spread
furiously -

sproutuberian flu
cutting chains
cutting lies
the tubers
have my eyes
and the sprouts
are my tentacles
of retribution
the vegan solution
to your hypocritical

Friday, January 06, 2006

heave - 1/6/2006

i rage
i write
i throw
my might
the sky
and heave

I can't breathe
and the strain
makes me white
and clear
like a stony night
and rationalized fear
for robin-redbreast
in her rage
whose skies
are made
of wire and pain

Thursday, January 05, 2006

sound - 1/5/2006

i feel broke
but not broke-down
like a spring
getting unwound
like crushed snowflakes

disease covered
puget sound
i frown
but I'm not bent
not spent
i've still got one eye
the one on the left
and I've still got time
to wait on the sound.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

slow - 1/3/2006



like a old train
or bad cocaine

an old donkey
in the mud
and rain
its like
dental work

a perforated ceiling
sometimes i don't
have feelings

or its the novocaine
sometimes I think
that we have more
than one brain

i, you, me
we count that at three

i think we've seen
the world ending

i told the donkey
its a shame